Open Mic

Wed, Nov 29, 2023
Wed, Dec 6, 2023
Wed, Dec 13, 2023
Wed, Dec 20, 2023
Wed, Dec 27, 2023

Open Mic

with Brooke Barsell and Ol' Toddilocks

Brooke Barsell & Todd Dylan host The Backline Open Mic (standup) every Wednesday at 8pm. Each comedian will be allowed 4 minutes, and names will be drawn from a hat for those who show up before 8pm, people who show up afterward will be added to a 2nd list. Whether it's your first time or you perform weekly, why not try out your material in front of a great crowd at one of the best standup venues in town?

Since names are pulled at random, comics are encouraged to sit and watch everyone else, creating a fun and encouraging audience. 5 seconds of grace period before music plays you off. Prepare accordingly.

This show is FREE for everyone!

Brooke Barsell

The charmingly magnetic Brooke Barsell has a face of an angel and the punchlines of a sailor which she delivers quickly with optimism, good vibes, and tales of the 69 Fairy. She is energetic and chill, you might want to be her bestie by shows end.

Ol' Toddilocks

Straight outta Humboldt, Ol Toddilocks is here to party. Whether on stage, co hosting wUw show, or practicing karate in his woodshop, Toddy’s ready to rock! Enthusiastic mover. Artistic creator. Merry maker.