The Team

Dylan Rohde - Founder & Owner Nataliy Hasik - House Manager & Tech Director



Dylan Oakes Rohde founded Backline in 2011 teaching improv classes in the basement of a small art gallery. Raised in small town Nebraska and graduate of Wayne State, Dylan then trained and performed at the top 2 improv theatres in Los Angeles (UCB and iO) before moving here to teach. Now he travels the country (and the world) teaching improv, helps run the Omaha Comedy Fest (also founded), a junkie for karaoke, plus working on a number of other projects including an animated series.


Born and raised in Omaha, Nataliy is a Creative Writing major (University of Nebraska Omaha) who fell into comedy by way of Dungeons & Dragons. One class led to another, then she joined the team in 2019 as a beer slinger. Nataliy performs improv and writes sketches. She started streaming video games at the start of the pandemic lockdown, often accompanied by fellow improviser Andrea Morton. You can catch her, occasionally, on Twitch.