Intro to Improv for Healthcare Professionals


Taught by Dr. Mike Smith - Founder of Healthcare Improv
(Mondays 7pm-10pm)
-No previous experience required


This class works on taking an idea and creating scenes that are focused and guaranteed to get laughs. Through empathy, trust, and listening, you will learn how to discover what is fun, how to communicate that, and then how to have more of that fun. You will also explore ways these skills can be used in your life as a healthcare professional to enhance connections with your patients and colleagues alike. Whether you’re looking to become the next Ken Jeong or just enjoy life a little more every week, this class is your call to adventure!

Class size is limited to 16 people

Class dates will be on the following seven Mondays from 7PM – 10PM with a class show at the end.

Classes will start on August 15th with class show with date decided on the first week of class.