Level 1 Improv: Creating A Scene (Sundays)


-No previous experience required

$250 (Purchase by July 5th and save $50)

Whether you have absolutely no experience or maybe some in theater or standup, our introductory class teaches you the basics of longform improv comedy while having fun the entire time. We work on finding an idea while creating scenes that are focused and guaranteed to get laughs. Through trust and listening, you will learn how to discover what is fun, how to communicate that, and then how to have more of that fun.

Whether you're looking to become a professional improviser or just add some fun to your week and gain some new friends, this is the class you need to take.

Class will begin Sunday, August 14th from 10am-1pm and lasts 8 weeks.

(You are allowed to miss 2 classes and the final show and still move on to Level 2.)