Seriously Funny: Dramatic Improv Comedy


Instructor: Dylan Rohde
Pre-Requisite: Intro to Improv

Time: Mondays 8-10pm (Oct 16th-Nov 13th)
Cost: $200 (Pay by Sept 25th and save $50)

You have full permission to be "dramatic" in this improv class pushing you to fully commit to the emotions your character is feeling, to get deep into what is really happening in the scene (all while getting a ton of laughs!)

Focusing on heightened emotions and compelling relationships, this class will help you commit to your reality while trusting in choices that will ensure you will get plenty of laughter. Whether you tend to go jokey and want to work on getting away from that or you get too serious and don't know how to make it funny, this class is for you!

If you any questions about this class feel free to reach out, and we also offer internships for folks who want to learn but can't budget it. (CLASS SHOW DEPENDING ON AVAIL OF CLASS)